A.   Conditions For Establishing Credit: The credit of the applicant for service shall be deemed established if:
      1.   A cash deposit is made with the city to secure the payment of bills for water, sewer, water debt, fire protection and street lighting charges. The deposit shall be in an amount to be set by resolution of the city council, whether the service is metered or flat rated.
      2.   In the case of flat rated service, payment of a prorated advance payment for the remainder of the monthly billing period, in addition to the required deposit, is made.
      3.   The applicant, for a reasonable time in the past, has promptly paid all accounts due the city and otherwise satisfied the city manager that bills rendered will continue to be paid when due.
   B.   Reestablishment Of Credit:
      1.   An applicant who has been receiving city utilities and whose service has been temporarily disconnected at the request of the applicant, or whose service has been discontinued for failure to pay utility bills, may be required to reestablish credit by making a regular cash deposit before reconnection of service is made. The applicant shall also pay a reconnection charge for restoration of service. The amount of the reconnection charge shall be specified by resolution of the city council.
      2.   Utility service shall not be restored to an applicant who has been disconnected until all charges, including interest, penalties and the reconnection charge, whether at the premises listed in the application or at premises other than those specified in the application, have been paid. Service may be denied anyone who uses any subterfuge whatsoever to avoid payment for service.
   C.   Deposits And Return Of Deposits:
      1.   At the time of payment of the deposit required under subsections A and B of this section, the applicant shall be given a receipt for same. Deposit receipts are not negotiable or transferable.
      2.   A deposit is not to be considered as a payment on the account. If at any time a bill to a customer is not paid within the required time, the deposit may be applied to the customer's account, at the option of the city.
      3.   When service is discontinued by the customer, the city will return any deposit made, less any current charges for utilities that are accrued but unpaid, or charges for material and labor, and provided that the customer shall surrender to the city the deposit receipt, properly endorsed; or provided that the customer shall sign a cancellation receipt for the deposit when the service is discontinued.
      4.   At the sole option and discretion of the city, the city may return the deposit at the expiration of one year from the time the deposit is made, provided the customer's credit has become satisfactorily established by prompt payment of all accounts due to the city.
      5.   Any change of ownership or occupancy of the premises shall not be cause for restoration of service without payment of all utility charges due the city.
      6.   Unless an error in a utility bill is called to the city's attention within sixty (60) days from the date of the bill, the bill shall be deemed final and correct. (Ord. 01-599, 11-13-2001, eff. 11-13-2001)