The city council, provided, where required by the motor vehicle laws of Oregon, approval of the state highway commission has first been obtained, may by resolution establish traffic controls which shall become effective upon the installation of appropriate signs, signals or other markings. Such traffic controls may designate and regulate:
   A.   The parking and standing of vehicles by:
      1.   Classifying portions of streets upon which either parking or standing, or both, shall be prohibited, or prohibited during certain hours.
      2.   Establishing the time limit for legal parking in limited parking areas.
      3.   Designating the angle of parking, if other than parallel to the curb.
      4.   Designating areas within which, or streets or portions of streets along which, parking meters will be installed, and the denomination of coins to be used or deposited in parking meters.
      5.   Designating city owned or leased property on which public parking will be permitted.
   B.   Through streets and one-way streets.
   C.   For trucks exceeding specified weights, streets to which they shall be restricted and streets on which they are prohibited.
   D.   Traffic control signals and the time of their operation.
   E.   Bus stops, bus stands, taxicab stands and stands for other passenger common carrier vehicles.
   F.   Loading zones.
   G.   Turn regulations at intersections.
   H.   Marked pedestrian crosswalks and safety zones.
   I.   Play streets and the hours during which they may be so used.
   J.   Special speed regulations in city parks. (1962 Code § 9-1-3)