A.   Prohibited Burning; Exceptions; Special Fire Permit: No person shall kindle, maintain or allow to be maintained an outdoor fire, bonfire, rubbish fire or garbage fire; nor shall any person kindle, maintain or allow to be maintained a fire for the purpose of burning grass, hay or straw, tree limbs and trimmings; nor shall any person maintain or allow to be maintained a fire for land clearing operations, or commercial burning; nor shall any person kindle, maintain or allow to be maintained any other type of open burning, with the following exceptions:
      1.   Outdoor recreation fire used for cooking with the fire in a fireplace or barbecue set.
      2.   Fires set and maintained for firefighting training or training fire protection personnel.
      3.   In the case of a fire hazard that cannot, in the judgment of the fire chief, be removed or disposed of in any other practical manner, a fire may be allowed upon obtaining a special fire permit to be issued by the fire chief. (Ord. 542, 1-7-1992, eff. 3-1-1992)
      4.   The burning of residential yard debris by other than a commercial entity shall be permitted for a two (2) week period each spring and fall. The city manager shall have the authority to designate the dates burning will be allowed under this exception. Notice of the dates will be given to the public in the manner deemed by the city manager as the most reasonable under the circumstances. As used in this subsection, the term "residential yard debris" shall include leaves, limbs, grass clippings, plant debris, weeds, and other byproducts from spring and fall yard and garden cleaning. (Ord. 550, 8-10-1993)
   B.   Burning Causing Nuisance, Other Burning Prohibited: Notwithstanding the foregoing, open burning of any material which emits dense smoke, noxious odors or causes a public nuisance, or is otherwise prohibited by county, state or federal law, is prohibited at all times. (Ord. 542, 1-7-1992, eff. 3-1-1992)