No person shall allow or permit nuisances affecting public peace and safety on property owned or controlled by the person. The following are nuisances affecting public peace and safety which may be abated as provided in this chapter:
   A.   All trees, hedges, billboards, or other obstructions which prevent persons from having a clear view of traffic approaching an intersection from cross streets in sufficient time to bring a motor vehicle driven at a reasonable speed to a full stop before the intersection is reached.
   B.   All wires which are strung less than fifteen feet (15') above the surface of the ground, except clotheslines.
   C.   All explosives, inflammable liquids, and other dangerous substances stored in any manner or in any amount in violation of any law.
   D.   All buildings and alterations to buildings made or erected within the fire limits as established in this code in violation of the regulations concerning manner and materials of construction.
   E.   Obstructions and excavations affecting the ordinary use by the public of streets, alleys, sidewalks, or public grounds, except under such conditions as are provided by law.
   F.   Radio aerials strung in any manner in violation of any law.
   G.   Any use of property abutting upon a public street or sidewalk or any use of a public street or sidewalk which causes large crowds of people to gather, obstructing traffic and the free use of the streets and sidewalks.
   H.   All hanging signs, awnings, and other similar structures over the streets or sidewalks, or situated as to endanger public safety, or constructed and maintained in violation of the provisions of this chapter pertaining thereto.
   I.   All irrigation water permitted to run in the streets or alleys of the city, except such as is confined in irrigation ditches or flumes.
   J.   All other conditions or things which are liable to cause injury to the person or property of anyone. (Ord. 616-06, 11-14-2006)