The following are hereby declared to be nuisances affecting the public peace which may be abated as provided in this chapter:
   A.   Radio And Television Interference:
      1.   No person shall operate or use an electrical, mechanical, or other device, apparatus, instrument, or machine that causes reasonably preventable interference with radio or television reception by a radio or television receiver of good engineering design.
      2.   This subsection A does not apply to devices licensed, approved and operated under the rules and regulations of the federal communications commission.
   B.   Notices And Advertisements:
      1.   No person shall affix, or cause to be distributed, any placard, bill advertisement, or poster upon any real or personal property, public or private, without first securing permission from the owner or person in charge of property. This subsection B shall not be construed as an amendment to or a repeal of any regulation now or hereafter adopted by the city regulating the use of, or location of, signs and advertising.
      2.   This subsection B shall not be construed to prohibit the distribution of material during any parade or public gathering.
   C.   Junk: No person shall keep junk, rubbish, trash, or debris outdoors on an alley, street, lot, or premises visible from public view.
   D.   Fireworks: The following sections of the Oregon fireworks law are adopted by reference and made a part of this chapter: Oregon Revised Statutes 480.110, 480.120, 480.130, 480.140(1), 480.150, and 480.165. (Ord. 616-06, 11-14-2006)