For the purpose of this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section:
CHIEF OF POLICE: The chief of police of the city of Nyssa.
JUNK: Includes either old or dilapidated motors, motor parts, abandoned automobiles, machinery and parts, appliances and parts, iron or other metal, glass, paper, lumber, wood or other waste or discarded material.
NUISANCE: A thing, act, occupation, or use of property which:
   A.   Shall annoy, injure, or endanger the safety, health, comfort, or repose of the public.
   B.   Shall unlawfully interfere with, obstruct or tend to obstruct, or render dangerous for passage a public park, square, street, alley, or highway.
   C.   Shall offend public decency.
   D.   Shall in any way render the public insecure in life or in use of property.
PERSON: A natural person, firm, partnership, association, or corporation.
PERSON IN CHARGE OF PROPERTY: An agent, occupant, lessee, contract purchaser, or other person having possession or control of property or supervision of a construction project.
PERSON RESPONSIBLE: The person responsible for abating a nuisance includes:
   A.   The owner.
   B.   The "person in charge of property", as defined in this section.
   C.   The person who caused a "nuisance", as defined in this chapter or another ordinance of the city, to come into or continue in existence.
PUBLIC PLACE: A building, way, place, or accommodation, publicly or privately owned, open and available to the general public. (Ord. 616-06, 11-14-2006)