Article I. General Provisions
3.04.010: Title
3.04.020: Definitions
3.04.030: Authority
Article II. Regional Transportation Commission
3.04.040: Creation
3.04.050: Powers And Duties
3.04.060: Composition
3.04.070: Terms
3.04.080: Meetings
3.04.090: Voting
Article III. Tax
3.04.100: Imposition And Rate; Motor Vehicle Fuel
3.04.110: Imposition And Rate; Inflammable Liquids
Article IV. Exemptions
3.04.120: Generally
3.04.130: Exported Defined
3.04.140: Sales Under Five Hundred Gallons
3.04.150: Procedure; Forms
3.04.160: Procedure; Time Limitations
Article V. Determination And Collection
3.04.170: Due Date
3.04.180: Dealer's Cost
3.04.190: Dealer's Bond; Conditions
3.04.200: Bond; Amount
3.04.210: Bond; Recovery Not To Affect Validity
3.04.220: Refund Generally
3.04.230: Refund; Entitlement
3.04.240: Refund; Claim
3.04.250: Claim; Time Limitation
3.04.260: Claim; Duplicate Invoice
3.04.270: Claim; Examination Of Records
3.04.280: Claim; Daily Records; Content
3.04.290: Refunds For Vehicles With Auxiliary Equipment
3.04.300: Refunds; Denial Conditions
3.04.310: Refunds; Licensed Dealers
3.04.320: Refunds To Farmers And Ranchers
3.04.330: Refunds Paid From County Gas Tax Funds
3.04.340: Credit
3.04.350: Injunction To Prevent Collection Unlawful
3.04.360: Court Action Against State Treasurer
3.04.370: Court Action; Time Limitation
3.04.380: Judgment; Disposition; Interest
3.04.390: Judgment; Not To Be Rendered To Assignee
3.04.400: Delinquent Taxes; Penalty
3.04.410: Delinquent Taxes; Prosecution And Collection
Article VI. Records And Reports
3.04.420: Tax Commission Authority
3.04.430: Dealer Records Generally
3.04.440: Dealer Records Subject To Inspection
3.04.450: Dealer Records Located Out Of State
3.04.460: Retailer Records Generally
3.04.470: Retailer Records Subject To Inspection
3.04.480: Carrier Reports Generally
3.04.490: Carrier Reports; Contents
3.04.500: Carrier Reports Subject To Inspection
3.04.510: Carrier To Carry Invoice Or Bill Of Sale
3.04.520: Carrier To Carry Evidence Of Amount Of Fuel
Article VII. Administration And Enforcement
3.04.530: Enforcement By Tax Commission
3.04.540: Enforcement By Law Officers
3.04.550: Tax Commission Authority; Rules And Regulations
3.04.560: Contract With Board Of County Commissioners
3.04.570: Distribution Of Taxes
3.04.580: Revenue Bonds
3.04.590: Amendments
3.04.600: Restrictions On Repeal
Article VIII. Violations
3.04.610: Prohibited Acts
3.04.620: Violation Declared A Misdemeanor