Article I. General Provisions
17.04.010: Short Title
17.04.020: Authority And Purpose
17.04.030: Jurisdiction
17.04.040: Forms And Documents
17.04.050: Zoning Administrator
17.04.060: Fees
17.04.070: Enforcement And Penalties
17.04.075: Appeals
17.04.080: Interpretation, Conflict, Separability And Constitutionality
17.04.090: Development Under Prior Regulations (Grandfathering)
17.04.095: Private Deed Restrictions
Article II. Definitions
17.04.100: Generally
17.04.110: Definitions
Article III. Zoning Districts; Establishment And General Provisions
17.04.120: Zoning Districts
17.04.200: Residential Districts
17.04.210: RH-9.5 Rural Homestead Residential
17.04.215: RH-4.5 Rural Homestead Residential
17.04.220: RE-2 Rural Estates Residential
17.04.225: RE-1 Rural Estates Residential
17.04.230: SE Suburban Estates Residential
17.04.240: VR-20 Village Residential
17.04.245: VR-10 Village Residential
17.04.250: VR-8 Village Residential
17.04.260: MF Multifamily Residential
17.04.270: MH Mobile Home Park
17.04.300: Commercial Districts
17.04.310: NC Neighborhood Commercial
17.04.320: GC General Commercial
17.04.330: CM Commercial Manufacturing
17.04.400: Mixed Use Districts
17.04.402: TC Town Center
17.04.403: CC Calvada Commercial
17.04.404: M Medical And Medical Support
17.04.405: VC Visitor Commercial
17.04.406: BO Business Opportunity Overlay
17.04.407: AO Airport Overlay Zone
17.04.408: SO Special Projects Overlay Zone
17.04.410: MU Mixed Use
17.04.420: Industrial Districts
17.04.430: LI Light Industrial
17.04.440: HI Heavy Industrial
17.04.460: Special Districts
17.04.465: OS Open Space, Parks, And Recreation
17.04.470: BR Brothel
17.04.480: OU Open Use District
17.04.490: HF Highway Frontage District
17.04.500: R Reserve
17.04.510: CF Community Facilities
Article IV. Planned Unit Development (PUD)
17.04.600: Standards And Conditions
17.04.610: Purpose
17.04.620: Applicability
17.04.630: Zones
17.04.640: Permissive Uses
17.04.650: Density And Intensity Of Use Of Land
17.04.660: Common Open Space And Parks
17.04.670: Minimum Standards Of Design
17.04.680: Purpose And Provisions For Enforcement And Modification
17.04.690: Procedures For Authorization
Article V. Conditions And Safeguards For Issuance Of Conditional Use Permits
17.04.700: Conditions And Safeguards For Conditional Use Permits
Article VI. Development Standards
17.04.720: General Development Standards
17.04.730: Parking
17.04.740: Landscaping
17.04.750: Lighting
17.04.760: Screening, Walls, And Fences
17.04.770: Signage Requirements
17.04.780: Recreational Vehicle Parks
17.04.785: Park Model Recreational Vehicle Parks
17.04.790: Mobile Home Parks
17.04.800: Home Occupations
17.04.805: Mobile Food Vending
17.04.810: Model Homes
17.04.820: Manufactured Homes And Factory-Built Homes
Article VII. Nuisances
17.04.850: Abandoned, Unregistered, Wrecked Or Dismantled Junk Motor Vehicles
17.04.860: Nuisances Prohibited
Article VIII. Administration And Procedure
17.04.880: Adoption And Amendment Of Zoning District Maps
17.04.885: Interpretation Of Zoning District Boundaries
17.04.890: Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment Procedure
17.04.895: Zoning District Boundary Amendment (Zone Change) Procedure
17.04.900: Classification Of Buildings Or Uses
17.04.905: Grandfathered Uses
17.04.910: Zoning Review Required
17.04.915: Waivers And Special Exception Procedures
17.04.920: Conditional Use Permit Procedures
17.04.925: Temporary Use Permits
17.04.930: Master Plan Amendment Procedures
Article IX. Site Development Plan Review And Approval Procedures
17.04.950: Commercial/Industrial Site Development Plan Procedures
17.04.970: Conceptual Site Development Plan Requirements