Admissions Tax
185.01   Definitions.
185.02   Rate of tax.
185.03   Exemptions.
185.04   Price to be marked on ticket.
185.05   Monthly reports; contents; payments of tax.
185.06   Administration of chapter; adoption of rules and regulations; records; bond.
185.07   License required; application; contents; fee; issuance; restrictions; renewal; suspension or revocation; liability of owner of premises; exemptions.
185.08   Refund.
185.09   Taxes made a lien.
185.10   Treasurer may make additional assessment; notice; hearing.
185.11   Estimated assessment made; penalty; notice.
185.12   Estimated additional assessment made; penalty; notice; hearing.
185.13   When taxes by assessment are due and payable.
185.14   Application for reassessment.
185.15   Notice authorized to be mailed.
185.16   Refunds; application.
185.17   Moneys received; where credited.
185.99   Penalty.