(a)     Every sign, including but not limited to those signs for which permits or for which no permits or permit fees are required, shall be maintained in a safe, presentable and good structural material condition at all times, including the replacement of defective parts, painting, repainting, cleaning, and other acts required for the maintenance of such sign.  The Building Commissioner shall require compliance with all standards of this Chapter.  If the sign is not made to comply with adequate safety standards, the Building Commissioner shall require its removal in accordance with this Chapter.
   (b)     Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, any sign which is located on property which becomes vacant and unoccupied for a period of six months or more, shall be deemed to have been abandoned.  Permanent signs applicable to a business temporarily suspended because of a change of ownership or management of such business shall not be deemed abandoned unless the property remains vacant for a period of six months or more.  Abandoned signs and their supports are prohibited and shall be removed by the owner of the sign or owner of the premises.
   (c)     Any sign which loses its legal nonconforming status which cannot be brought into compliance with this Chapter is prohibited, and the sign and supports shall be removed by the owner of the sign or the owner of the premises.
   (d)     When any sign becomes unsecure, in danger of falling or otherwise unsafe, or if any sign is unlawfully installed, erected, or maintained in violation of any of the provisions of this Chapter, the owner thereof or the person or firm maintaining same shall upon written order of the Building Commissioner, forthwith in the case of immediate danger and in any case within not more than ten days, make such sign conform to the provisions of this Chapter or shall remove the sign and supports.  If within ten days the order is not complied with, the Building Commissioner may remove such sign at the expense of the owner or lessee thereof as provided in the Norwood Building Code (NBC).
   (e)     The Building Commissioner shall cause to be removed any sign and its supports that endangers the public safety such as an abandoned; dangerous; or materially, electrically or structurally defective sign, or a sign for which no permit has been issued.  A sign is considered a structure and as such the legal procedures apply for removal of unsafe structures in Section 1305.12 or emergency measures in Section 1305.13 of the Norwood Building Code (NBC).
(Ord. 15-2017.  Passed 5-23-17.)