(a)     Any sign holding a valid sign permit and in compliance with the applicable requirements of this Chapter located within the City on the date of adoption or amendment of this Chapter or located in an area annexed to the City thereafter, which does not conform with the provisions of this chapter, is eligible for characterization as a legal nonconforming sign.
   (b)  A legal nonconforming sign loses it legal designation if:
      (1)     The sign is altered in any way in structure or copy, except for changeable copy signs and normal maintenance;
      (2)     The sign is relocated; or
      (3)     The sign is replaced; or
      (4)     The sign is damaged or destroyed by, but not limited to, fire, explosion, flood, earthquake, other acts of God, and/or collision to the extent that the cost of repair is equal to or exceeds seventy percent (70%) of the value of an equivalent replacement sign.  Said sign shall be repaired or replaced in conformance with this Chapter; or
      (5)    The sign has lost more than seventy percent (70%) of its replacement value due to lack of maintenance; or
      (6)     The sign ceases to display messages or display obsolete messages for more than six months; or
      (7)     "Available for lease" or similar message that concerns the availability of the sign itself which remains on the sign for a period in excess of six months; or
      (8)     The sign has a message for a period in excess of one year is partially obliterated so as not to identify the message; or
      (9)     The sign is declared a public nuisance by the Council of the City of Norwood and is ordered to be removed to abate said nuisance.
   (c)     Any sign which loses its legal non-conforming status shall be immediately brought into compliance with this Chapter with a new permit secured therefore or shall be removed.
   (d)     Nothing in this Chapter shall relieve the owner or user of a legal nonconforming sign or owner of the property on which the legal nonconforming sign is located from the provisions of this Chapter regarding safety, maintenance, and repair of signs, provided, however, that any repainting, cleaning and other normal maintenance or repair of the sign or sign structure shall not modify the sign structure or copy in any way which makes it more nonconforming or the sign may lose its legal nonconforming status.
(Ord. 15-2017.  Passed 5-23-17.)