(a)    Illuminated signs shall be so designed and arranged that any external illumination is effectively shielded and no direct light is cast into residential areas or excessive light is cast onto adjacent properties or streets.
   (b)    All permanent signs may be non-illuminated, illuminated by internal, internal indirect (halo), or lit by external indirect illumination, unless otherwise specified.
   (c)     Outdoor, internally illuminated signs, including but not limited to awning/canopy signs, and changeable copy panels shall be constructed with an opaque background and translucent letters and graphics, or with a colored background and lighter letters and graphics.
   (d)    Externally lit signs are permitted to be illuminated only with steady, stationary, down directed, and shielded light sources directed solely onto the sign.  Exposed light bulbs or light tubes used for illuminating a sign are prohibited.
   (e)     Exposed neon tube illumination is permitted on permanent signs in non-residential zoning districts only.
   (f)     Neon illumination utilized as a sign copy projection, border, frame, or other embellishment of sign copy, or other features consistent with the definition of "Sign", shall not be included in the total square footage of the sign, provided the measured area of any such projection or detailed embellishment does not exceed twelve (12) square feet in area.  Where such augmentations do exceed twelve (12) square feet in area, such features shall be included and counted against the permitted sign area for the use.
(Ord. 15-2017.  Passed 5-23-17.)