(a)   The design and construction of all signs and outdoor display structures shall comply with the requirements of the Ohio Building Code (OBC) as modified by the Norwood Building Code (NBC). 
   (b)   Signs shall be constructed of durable material capable of withstanding continuous exposure to the elements and conditions of the urban environment.  Only natural construction materials such as wood, metals, ceramic, and stone should be used for signs.  Synthetic material should only be used if they are designed to resemble the recommended natural materials.  Plastic or acrylic panels are strongly discouraged.
   (c)    Raceway cabinets, where used as an element of building mounted wall signs, shall match the building color at the location of the building where the sign is located.  Where a raceway provides a contrast background to sign copy, the colored area is counted in the aggregate sign area permitted for the site or occupancy.
   (d)   The support elements for all signs shall appear to be free of guy wires or similar features.  Blade signs may use decorative iron bracing support structures.
   (e)   When electrical service is provided to monument signs, all such electrical service is required to be underground and concealed. Electrical service to building mounted signs, including conduit, housings, and wire, shall be entirely concealed or, when necessary, painted to match the surface of the structure upon which they are mounted.
   (f)    No sign shall be painted on walls, windows, or other surfaces.
(Ord. 15-2017.  Passed 5-23-17.)