1321.04  EXEMPT SIGNS.
   All signs shall comply with the location and dimensional requirements of this code.  A sign permit shall not be required for the following:
   (a)     Plaques, tablets, or inscriptions when cut into masonry surface or inlaid so as to be part of the building or when constructed of bronze or other noncombustible material;
   (b)     Signs owned and sponsored by the State, County, City, or public utility entities;
   (c)     Signs required by applicable provisions of the Norwood Property Maintenance Code, Norwood Fire Code, or other applicable law or regulation.  Such signs shall be designed and placed according to applicable Building or Fire Code standards;
   (d)     Signs hanging inside of a window, provided that window signs shall be limited to twenty-five (25%) percent of the window area;
   (e)     Non-illuminated temporary ground sign less than 12 square feet in area and 3 feet in height;
   (f)     Non-illuminated temporary window sign that does not exceed 10 square feet in area and does not cover more than 25% of area of the window;
   (g)     The flags, emblems or insignia of any national or political subdivision or corporation flags.  Three flags not exceeding sixteen square feet in area per store front.  Such flags shall not be placed in public rights-of-way such that they impede the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic or to obstruct any fire escape, means of egress, or window or door openings used as an element of a means of egress;
   (h)     Signs located within the interior of any building or stadium, or within an enclosed lobby or court of any building, and signs for and located within the inner or outer lobby, court, or entrance of any theatre, that are not visible from the public right of way.  This does not, however, exempt such signs from the structural, electrical, or material specifications as set out in the Norwood Building Code (NBC); and
   (i)    Transit shelter signs erected by a public transit agency.
      (Ord. 15-2017.  Passed 5-23-17.)