Administrative Procedures
1117.01   Procedure for amendment or district changes.
1117.02   Changes by Council.
1117.03   Initiation of zoning amendments.
1117.04   Contents of application.
1117.05   Transmittal to Planning Commission.
1117.06   Public meetings by Planning Commission.
1117.07   Notice of public meeting in newspaper.
1117.08   Notice to property owners by Planning Commission.
1117.09   Recommendation by Planning Commission.
1117.10   Public hearing by Council.
1117.11   Notice of public hearing in newspaper.
1117.12   Notice to property owners by Council.
1117.13   Action by Council.
1117.14   Effective date and referendum.
1117.15   Procedure and requirements for appeals and variances.
1117.16   Appeal of decision of Chief Building Official.
1117.17   Stay of proceedings.
1117.18   Variances.
1117.19   Application for variances.
1117.20   Findings for a variance.
1117.21   Supplementary conditions and safeguards.
1117.22   Public hearing by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
1117.23   Notice of public hearing in newspaper.
1117.24   Notice to parties in interest.
1117.25   Action by Board of Zoning Appeals.
1117.26   Procedures and requirements for approval of conditional uses.
1117.27   Application for conditional use permit.
1117.28   General standards for conditional uses.
1117.29   Supplementary conditions and safeguards.
1117.30   Public hearing by the Board of Zoning Appeals for Conditional Uses.
1117.31   Notice of public hearing in newspaper.
1117.32   Notice to parties in interest.
1117.33   Action by Board of Zoning Appeals or the Planning Commission.
1117.34   Expiration of conditional use permit.
1117.35   Appeal of decision of Board of Zoning Appeals.
Planning Commission duties - see P. & Z. 1115.05
Board of Zoning Appeals duties and proceedings - see P. & Z.  1115.08, 1115.09