(a)   The permittee shall restore to their former condition the streets, sidewalks and other public places of the City which may have been damaged or disturbed in the operations of drilling, preparing to drill or connected with drilling.
   (b)   The permittee shall clear the area of all litter, rubbish, machinery, derricks, buildings, oil or other substances used or allied to the use of drilling or producing operations.
   (c)   The permittee shall pay to the owners of any realty, crops, buildings, improvements, goods or chattels located in the area any extra cost of insurance on such property imposed by reason of granting of the permit or the operations carried on thereunder, and any and all damages from fire suffered by any person or corporation as to property within the City, over and above the insurance collected thereon, or from oil, gas or water caused by or originating from the operation connected with such well and shall hold the City free and harmless from any and all liability growing out of the granting of such a permit.
(Ord. 64-7. Passed 4-21-64.)