(a)   General Requirements for all Temporary Signs.
      (1)   Temporary signs shall not be mounted, affixed, installed, or otherwise secured in a way that would make a sign permanent.
      (2)   No temporary sign shall be mounted, attached, or affixed in a way that would protrude a sign over a roof line.
      (3)   Unless conditionally provided by Council, temporary signs may not be illuminated.
      (4)   All temporary signs shall be secured in a way that prevents swinging or other significantly noticeable movement resulting from wind that would threaten the safety of pedestrians, vehicles, or structures.
      (5)   No temporary signage shall require a foundation, wiring, fitting, or other elements that would require a building or electrical permit.
      (6)   Temporary signs shall be removed or replaced once deteriorated.
      (7)   Unless stated otherwise, all temporary signs exceeding 12 square feet require a permit.
   (b)   Temporary Signs without Commercial Message.
      (1)   Temporary signs that do not contain commercial speech shall not be posted in any place or any manner that is destructive to public property including, but limited to, public rights-of-way, utility poles, public trees, and other publically owned facilities.
      (2)   The maximum sign height for temporary signs without commercial speech shall be six feet.
      (3)   Such signs shall be limited to yard signs and banner signs.
   (c)   Temporary Signs in Nonresidential Zoning Districts.  The following are the temporary signs with a commercial message allowed in B-1, B-2, B-3, C-1, I-1, and I-2:
      (1)   Up to 12 square feet is allowed year round for temporary signage in nonresidential districts so long as they are the following type of signs and are subject to the standards provided for each herein:
         A.   A-frame and T-frame signs;
         B.   Banner signs; and
         C.   Temporary yard signs.
      (2)   Limited temporary sign allowance.
         A.   In addition to the year round temporary signage permitted above, each lot shall be permitted the use of additional temporary signage on a limited time basis.
         B.   Each lot is permitted an additional 24 square feet of temporary signage for four 30 consecutive day periods per year.
         C.   The limited temporary sign include any of the following sign types subject to any applicable standards established for each sign type in this chapter:
            1.   Banners signs;
            2.   Temporary window signs;
            3.   Temporary yard signs.
         D.   There shall be no maximum number of signs, provided that the aggregate total square footage of signs does exceed the amount limited by this section.
   (d)   Standards for Temporary Signage.
      (1)   A-frame and T-frame signs.
         A.   There shall be no time limit for sidewalk signs provided that the sign shall only be placed outside of the business during their hours of operation.
         B.   Only one sidewalk sign shall be allowed per business.
         C.   Such signs shall not exceed three feet in height and two feet in width.
         D.   The sign may be placed on public or private sidewalk provided that the side is placed on pavement and not landscaped areas or pavement areas used for vehicles.
         E.   Can only be placed on sidewalk or walkway, with a width, not including the curb, of seven feet. Furthermore sign must be place in such a way allowing for four feet of space for pedestrian traffic.
         F.   The sign must be free standing and not affixed, chained, anchored, or otherwise secured to any parking meter, utility pole, bike rack, tree, tree gate, fire hydrant, railing or other structure.
         G.   The sign must not obstruct access to parking meters, bike racks, and other structures legally in the right-of-way.
         H.   The sign must not interfere with the opening of car doors in legal spaces, or with the operation of wheelchair lifts and ramps, cab stands, loading zones, or bus stops.
         I.   The sign shall be internally weighted so that it is stable and windproof.
         J.   The City of Norton shall be held harmless from liability resulting from accident or injury caused by the replacement and/or maintenance of such sign.
      (2)   Banner Signs.
         A.   Banner sign may be attached to a fence, building or any other similar structure. Banner signs in residential districts or posted and mounted in a yard or landscaped area shall be regulated as a yard sign.
         B.   The maximum height for temporary signs shall not apply to banner signs. Banners shall not be mounted in a manner that extends above the roofline.
      (3)   Yard Signs.
         A.   There shall be no maximum number of yard signs so long as the signs do not exceed the maximum square footage established in this chapter.
         B.   There shall be a maximum of two faces to the sign, mounted back-to-back.
         C.   The maximum height shall be six feet.
(Ord. 61-2019.  Passed 6-10-19.)