There is hereby established in the municipality an Architectural Board of Review, consisting of three members including the City Engineer or designee, City Zoning Official, and one member appointed by the Mayor. One member shall be trained in the field of architecture.
   (a)   Members will serve initial appointments of two three-year appointments, and one two-year appointment.
   (b)   Upon expiration of the original appointment, all appointments shall serve for three years.
   (c)   Board members may serve their full term, or until a successor is appointed. Vacancies, by resignations, incapacitation, dismissal, or otherwise shall be filled in the same manner as the initial appointments, and vacancies shall be filled for the duration of the vacated Board member's term.
   (d)   The Mayor shall also designate a Recording Secretary for the Board. This is a non-voting role. Duties will include documenting minutes, agendas, and distributing any additional documentation needed for the Boards official review of the file.
   (e)   All members are subject to City Council approval.
   (f)   Removal of members will come as a recommendation from the Mayor and voted on by City Council.
(Ord. 61-2019.  Passed 6-10-19.)