City credit cards are issued solely for the purpose of conducting City business and are not to be used for any personal expense (including, if any, the use of credit card points). Personal and/or unauthorized usage of any City credit card shall be immediate grounds for revocation of all credit card privileges. The use of a credit card account for expenses beyond those authorized by the legislative authority and/or this policy constitutes misuse of a credit card account that may result in discipline up to and including termination of employment. An officer or employee of the municipal corporation or a public servant as defined under R.C. § 2921.01 who knowingly misuses a credit card account held by the municipal corporation violates R.C. § 2913.21.  The use of a City credit card to purchase goods or services does not waive the City purchasing procedures.
(Ord. 66-2019.  Passed 5-13-19.)