(a)   Stucco Application.  All hangers, fasteners, trim or other fixed supports or projections of any kind shall be in place prior to the application of any stucco.  All exterior stucco over wood frame shall have seven-eighths of an inch tongue and grooved or other approved sheathing or siding and waterproofed paper or asphalt saturated felt.  Felt shall weigh not less than fourteen pounds per 100 square feet and shall be applied over sheathing.  Horizontal joints of felt shall lap not less than two inches.  Vertical joints of felt shall lap not less than six inches.  Metal lath shall be as prescribed in the Ohio Building Code, and wood lath or gypsum board shall not be permitted for exterior stucco.  All metal lath shall be held at least three-eighths of an inch from sheathing by approved devices.  Exposed joists and edges shall be caulked or flashed watertight.
   (b)   Stucco Metal Reinforcement.  Application shall be made in three coats (not including back plastering) and shall have a thickness of not less than seven-eighths  of an inch over the outside face of the reinforcement.
      (1)   The first coat shall consist of one part Portland cement, three parts sand and sufficient hair to properly bind the mortar.  Not more than ten pounds of lime putty may be added for each sack of cement in the first coat.  This shall be so applied as to fill completely the space back of the reinforcement, be forced well into all crevices, cover the outside face of the reinforcement and be well scratched to provide bond for the second coat.  The first or scratch coat shall be thoroughly set before the second coat is applied.
      (2)   The second coat shall consist of one part Portland cement to not more than three parts sand.  No lime shall be used in the second or brown coat.  This shall be brought to a true and even surface and then be given a rough finish with a wood float to provide bond for the third coat.
      (3)   The third or finish coat shall consist of one part Portland cement and not more than two parts sand or pebbles, and may be finished as directed.  If the finish coat is a manufactured product, it shall be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.
   (c)   Stucco on Masonry.  Application of stucco on hollow tile, brick, concrete or other masonry shall be in three coats, not less than three-fourths of an inch total thickness.  The surface shall be free from all dirt, scale or foreign matter before applying the first coat.  This, with the second and third coats, shall be as prescribed for stucco on metal reinforcement.  When applied nearer than five feet to a public space or street, reinforcement shall be used.
(Ord. 42-1981.  Passed 2-23-81.)