Every building shall be provided at all times with proper eaves or cornice gutters and approved material for conducting all water from the roof into an underground drain to a storm or combination sewer, or to a street gutter if no such sewer is accessible.  This requirement shall not apply to minor buildings on the same lot with, and accessory to, a dwelling, such as a private detached garage, when the water from the roof of such accessory building does not damage the foundation of any building or structure.  Where it is not possible to dispose of roof water in the manner described above, such water shall be disposed of in a manner approved by the Division of Building and Zoning Inspection.  In no case shall water from any roof be allowed to flow upon a sidewalk.  All roof gutters, wherever possible, shall drain to the front of the dwelling or building and shall slope at least one inch per fifteen feet in length.  Downspouts or leaders shall be one square inch in area for each 150 square feet of roof surface, but in no case shall a downspout be less than three inches in diameter.
(Ord. 42-1981.  Passed 2-23-81.)