The owner of the property on which a building is demolished shall fill, or cause to be filled, all excavations, such as basements, cellars, areaways, etc., which exist due to demolition.  Excavations shall be filled up to grade with earth, stone or other approved material, none of which shall contain wood or other materials which might cause an infestation of termites or rats.  Fill shall be made immediately after demolition has been completed unless it is intended to use such excavations within sixty days after the completion of such demolition for a new building, in which case the owner of the property where such excavations exist shall comply with all the provisions of this chapter which apply in guarding against or eliminating the hazards of such excavations.  Prior to starting filling operations, the owner shall plug all sewer laterals and water service in a manner approved by the Director of Public Service.  All gas service lines shall be removed, plugged or capped in a manner approved by the Fire Chief.
(Ord. 42-1981.  Passed 2-23-81.)