(a)   All electrical wiring shall conform to Chapter 1432.
   (b)   Each space conditioning appliance shall have a means of disconnect within easy sight and reach as specified in the National Electrical Code, and shall be installed on a separate electrical circuit of not less than fifteen-ampere capacity.
   (c)   All space heating appliances shall be properly grounded as specified in the National Electrical Code.
   (d)   All low-voltage wire shall not be less than No. 18 American wire gauge with insulation and as specified in the National Electrical Code.
   (e)   Prohibited electrical work shall be as follows:
      (1)   New electrical services.
      (2)   Installation of replacement or new space conditioning equipment under conditions as follows:
         A.   30-ampere electrical service - no work of any type.
         B.   60-ampere electrical service - replacement furnaces only (no central air conditioning unless actual load calculations permit the additional load).
         C.   100-ampere electrical service - new or replacement furnaces or air conditioning, provided that loads allowed under the National Electrical Code are not exceeded.
      (3)   The performance of any electrical work as defined in Section 1428.25 et seq. when a licensed electrician is performing on the same project.
(Ord. 42-1981. Passed 2-23-81.)