(a)   In buildings hereafter erected, if there is dampness in the ground and the Superintendent of Building and Zoning Inspection deems it necessary, for that reason, to do so, foundation walls below the adjacent ground level shall be rendered waterproof, as conditions require, by some approved process.
   (b)   First floor construction which bears directly upon the ground shall be of materials which are not subject to undue deterioration by moisture or to attack by termites.  The construction shall be adequately dampproofed where dampness is of consequence to the health of any of the occupants of the building.
   (c)   First floor construction which does not bear directly  upon the ground and which is not over a basement shall be as required in subsection (b) hereof or have an air space of not less than eighteen inches from the ground to the underside of the framing of the first floor.  The air space shall be vented to the outside air by screened openings arranged one-half of one percent of the included ground area required to be ventilated, except that the Superintendent may permit other adequate means for ventilating such spaces.  One of the following approved vapor barriers shall be provided:
      (1)   A one-inch scratch coat of concrete.
      (2)   Polyethylene and one inch of gravel.
   All organic material shall be removed with proper drainage under all crawl spaces.
   (d)   An opening of not less than two square feet shall be installed to provide access for inspection and repair in each unexcavated crawl space under wood and metal floor construction.  Foundation wall vents, proportioned on the basis of two square feet per each twenty-five linear feet of exterior walls, shall be installed directly to the outside of a building for ventilating all unexcavated crawl spaces.  Each such space shall have at least two vents.
   Noncorrodible screen of not over one-quarter inch mesh shall be installed in each vent opening.  All area walls and foundation walls for porches, steps, stoops and terraces shall be adequately anchored to the main walls and shall rest upon solid footers.
(Ord. 42-1981.  Passed 2-23-81.)