1434.17  PILASTERS.
   All hollow masonry foundation walls which extend more than five feet below finished grade shall be supported laterally by pilasters spaced not more than eight feet apart.  If pilasters are not added as above, four inches shall be added to the required wall thickness.  The pilasters may be either of the following types of construction:
   (a)   Four-inch by sixteen-inch hollow masonry units bonded alternately into the walls with eight-inch hollow masonry units.
   (b)   Two cores of hollow masonry wall filled with concrete from the footing to the plate, with one one-half inch round steel reinforcing rod in each core.  Pilasters four inches by sixteen inches, bonded into the foundation wall, shall be constructed to form piers under the ends of all girders resting upon the walls.  The top eight inches of all such pilasters shall be of solid masonry.
   When lateral pressure is substantially equal on each side of the foundation wall, and under other conditions, the total height of the foundation wall and the wall supported shall not exceed that permitted under the requirements for eight-inch walls.  Hollow masonry units used in foundation walls shall not exceed eight inches in height as placed in the wall.
(Ord. 42-1981.  Passed 2-23-81.)