(a)   This chapter does not apply in flood plains, to quarrying operations, to the grading, excavating or filling necessary and incidental to and in connection with the construction of public works, streets or alleys, or to the construction of any sewer, water line or other utility under or within the boundaries of roadways or streets, when such work is subject to inspection by or under the direct supervision of the Department of Public Service or other governmental agencies.
   (b)   Whenever, in the opinion of the Superintendent of Building and Zoning Inspection, the grading, excavating or filling operations are of such a minor nature that the proposed work will not affect adjoining land or existing structures on the same or adjoining land, either change of grade or surface water runoff, the requirements of this chapter may be waived in whole or in part by the Superintendent.
(Ord. 42-1981.  Passed 2-23-81.)