The electrical contractor of permit holder shall notify the Division of Building and Zoning Inspection as soon as the electrical wiring to be covered or concealed has been installed and completed, and the division shall make an inspection within forty-eight hours, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays, from such notification. If the installation passes inspection, the inspector shall stamp on the building permit the fact that he or she has approved the work. If the installation does not pass inspection, the inspector shall notify the electrical contractor or permit holder of any violation, and the contractor or permit holder shall correct all violations within ten days from the date of a written notice. After rough inspection, the inspector may notify the local electric power company to make connection to such system, provided that the main service and distribution system have been completed and are protected from short circuit. Release of orders to the power company does not constitute final approval of the work.
(Ord. 42-1981. Passed 2-23-81.)