(a)   The property owner is responsible for ensuring that any alternative energy source system operates and is maintained as designed and is in compliance with both the manufacturer's instructions and these regulations.
   (b)   If a alternative energy source system ceases to perform as originally intended for more than six consecutive months, the property owner shall make the necessary repairs, as recommended by the manufacturer, to restore the system to a safe operating condition or remove all components of the system within 90 days after the six month period.
   (c)   If the property owner fails to repair or remove the alternative energy system and all components within the allotted timeframe a cease and desist order shall be sent to the owner/operator. If all orders are ignored or not addressed by the owner the City may hire a contractor to dismantle and remove the system and its components. The cost of such work shall be assessed against the property on which it is located.
(Ord. 85-2009. Passed 10-26-09)