(a)   Every building shall be erected on a lot that has frontage on a dedicated and improved street, and no permit may be issued for the erection of a building on a lot that does not have frontage on a dedicated and improved street. The amount of frontage required shall be as stated in the zoning district regulations applicable to the subject property.
(Ord. 31-1995.  Passed 7-10-95; Ord. 47-2005. Passed 6-27-05.)
   (b)   Private streets may be permitted within condominium and planned unit developments.
(Ord. 19-1994.  Passed 2-28-94; Ord. 47-2005. Passed 6-27-05.)
   (c)   Where a building lot has frontage upon a street contemplated for right-of-way widening, the required front yard area shall be measured from such proposed future right-of-way line.
(Ord. 1-1988.  Passed 4-11-88; Ord. 47-2005. Passed 6-27-05)