(a)   Annotation on Zoning District Map.  If Council approves a Special Planned Development, the location and extent of the development and reference to the approving ordinance, by number, shall be indicated on the Official Zoning Map.
   (b)   Issuance of Certificate.  Building and Zoning Inspector shall issue a zoning certificate for an approved Special Planned Development, or part thereof, upon submission of plans and further processing according to Section 1252.02(b) to (e).
   (c)   Time Limitation.  Authority to establish a Special Planned Development included in the approving ordinance shall expire and be void without further action by Council if the applicant does not apply for, quality for, and have issued to him or her, a zoning certificate within two years of the enactment of the approving ordinance. The expiration of said authority shall be noted on the Official Zoning Map.
(Ord. 1-1988.  Passed 4-11-88.)