1288.05 PROCEDURE.
   (a)   Application. A Special Planned Development request shall be initiated by the owner of property on which such use is proposed by obtaining from a Building and Zoning Inspector a special application form and by submitting the completed application, required data and fee to the Building and Zoning Inspector, who shall place the matter on the agenda of the Planning Commission.
   (b)   Data Requirement with Application.
   The following data are required with an application:
      (1)   A completed application form.
      (2)   A legal description of the property proposed for a special non-residential development.
      (3)   A narrative description of the proposed use.
      (4)   Development plans of the entire property proposed for development, drawn to a scale adequate to clearly show the location of all abutting streets, the location and dimensions of all existing and proposed structures, the types of buildings, their uses, the acreage involved and areas to be used for parking, drives, walks and landscaping.
      (5)   Architectural or construction plans in sufficient detail to clearly portray the nature of proposed structures, including their height, bulk, exterior materials, locations of vehicular and pedestrian access doors, fenestration and floor plans showing the arrangement and extent of uses on each floor.
   (c)   Review by Planning Commission and Council. Review and action by the Planning Commission and Council shall be in accordance with the provisions of this Zoning Code, as if consideration were being given to a proposed zoning amendment.
   (d)   Standards. The Planning Commission and Council, when considering an application for a Special Planned Development, may act favorably thereon only when the preponderance of the evidence presented establishes that the proposed use will comply with the standards set forth below.
(Ord. 1-1988. Passed 4-11-88.)