Area requirements in an I-1 District are as follows:
   (a)   Minimum Lot Area.  87,000 square feet.
   (b)   Minimum Lot Width.  200 feet.
   (c)   Minimum Lot Depth.  200 feet.
   (d)   Maximum Lot Coverage.  Fifty percent of total lot area.
   (e)   Minimum Yards.  The minimum front yard shall be fifty feet.
      (1)   When adjacent to an "R" District, there shall be a front yard having a minimum depth the same as the adjoining "R" District for at least 100 feet, as measured from the "R" District.
      (2)   No part of any building arranged, intended or designed to be used, in whole or in part, for any use within this class shall be located within twenty feet of any "R" District.
(Ord. 1-1988.  Passed 4-11-88.)