Permitted uses in B-3 Highway Business Districts are:
   (a)   Building supplies and service facilities.
   (b)   Plumbing and electric supplies and service facilities.
   (c)   Automotive parts stores.
   (d)   Upholstery and furniture repair shops.
   (e)   Restaurants, drive-in restaurants or refreshment stands.
   (f)   Animal hospitals and boarding kennels.
   (g)   New car showrooms and service facilities and used car sales facilities, provided they are an adjunct use thereto.
   (h)   Motels.
   (i)   Bowling alleys and miniature golf courses.
   (j)   Dairies, bottling plants and similar establishments.
   (k)   Marine sales, storage, supplies and services facilities.
   (l)   Gasoline filling stations, exclusive of auto repair garages, provided that all operations are in accordance with Section 1250.04(21) and other provisions of this Zoning Code, except that the servicing of automotive equipment with gasoline, oil, air and water need not be conducted within an enclosed building.
   (m)   Auto repair garages.
   (n)   Mortuaries.
(Ord. 68-1996.  Passed 9-23-96; Ord. 52-2002.  Passed 9-23-02; Ord. 112-2010.  Passed 12-16-10.)