Area requirements in an R-2 District are as follows:
   (a)   Minimum Lot Area.  15,000 square feet.
   (b)   Minimum Lot Width.  100 feet.
   (c)   Minimum Lot Depth.  150 feet.
   (d)   Minimum Lot Coverage.  800 square feet of first floor living area.
   (e)   Minimum Yards.
      (1)   Front yard.  Fifty feet.
      (2)   Side yards.  Twenty feet total.  No side yard shall have less than ten feet.
      (3)   Side yards of corner lot.
   A side yard along the side street lot line of a corner lot, which lot abuts in the rear, either directly or across an alley, the side lot line of another lot in an "R" District, shall have a width of not less than one-half the required depth of the front yard on such other lot fronting on the side street, with a twenty-five foot minimum.
      (4)   Rear yard.  Fifty feet.
(Ord. 1-1988.  Passed 4-11-88.)