(a)   All on-site and off-site improvements indicated on the site plan application or required by the Planning Commission or required by other local ordinance shall be installed at the expense of the owner of the property consistent with the provisions of the Subdivision Regulations.
   (b)   The need for alteration of existing public improvements, the potential for repair of damage resulting from the site development, or costs resulting from temporary or permanent disruption of existing improvements shall be determined in the process of site plan review. Conditions addressing the foregoing shall be established in approval of the site plan.
   (c)   All required improvements shall be installed in accordance with Construction Standards adopted by the City including the Subdivision Regulations and the standards established by the City Engineer.
   (d)   Guarantees. The City Engineer shall be authorized to require and execute with the owner or developer such development agreements or construction bonds as the Engineer may deem necessary to ensure proper protection, construction, or restoration of any required physical improvements located within public rights-of-way or easements or connected to any public facility, or to ensure repair of any damage done to existing curb, gutter, sidewalk, street pavement, landscaping, or other items within the right-of-way adjacent to a project. The form and amount of such guarantees shall be as approved by the City Engineer and the Law Director.
(Ord. 50-2005. Passed 7-11-05.)