(a)   Major Site Plan Required.  A major site plan shall be submitted for the following:
      (1)   An application for a conditional use permit;
      (2)   On lots located in multi-family, business, industrial, and recreation districts and in any other locations required by this Zoning Code:
         A.   New construction, substantial renovation, or expansion of a building, structure, or other site improvement; and
         B.   The establishment of a new use, or a substantial change of use; and
      (3)   In any residential district, any new building (other than a single-family dwelling or accessory to a single-family dwelling) or a change of use of such a building.
   (b)   Application Requirements.  A major site plan application shall include the following information unless the Zoning Inspector determines that certain information is not necessary for review of the particular site plan:
      (1)   A completed site plan application form, signed by the property owner or authorized representative.
      (2)   A fee as required by action of Council.
      (3)   Name of the development and the name, address, and phone number of the owner and applicant.
      (4)   Drawing scale, north arrow, and date of preparation.
      (5)   Locations and dimensions of lot lines based on a survey, deed, plat, or other legal delineation.
      (6)   Existing topography, proposed topography, and proposed finished grades, at a maximum one-foot contour interval.
      (7)   Locations, acreage, and floor areas of existing and proposed uses, easements, and encroachments on the property.
      (8)   Location of all required yards.
      (9)   Proposed building locations, dimensions, net floor area, locations of entrances and exits, height and number of stories, and finished grade elevations. Locations, dimensions, and description or illustration of all other structures including fences and signs. For multi-family residential developments, the number, type, and minimum floor area of dwelling units.
      (10)   Drainage plan, including all open and enclosed drainage structures and surface drainage, and calculations of off-site impacts in a manner approved by the City Engineer.
      (11)   Locations of existing and proposed trash dumpster or other waste container with a total volume greater than 100 gallons and used to store garbage, refuse or waste for collection and evidence of compliance with Section 1296.20 of the Codified Ordinances.
      (12)   Vehicular and pedestrian circulation plan, that is, a plan showing the planned route of vehicles and pedestrians onto, through, and out of the site, including any safety considerations. Proposed location, layout, dimensions, and area for all parking, loading, drives, and walkways, curbs, and curb cuts. Surface types of all paved areas. Number of parking spaces provided and the number of spaces required by this Zoning Code.
      (13)   Planting and Landscape Plan including: botanic names, common names, location, quantity, diameter, and height at installation and at maturity of all proposed living and non-living landscape materials and existing materials to be preserved; types and locations of proposed groundcovers and mulches; dimensions, materials, colors, and appearance of all sides of fences, walls, ornamental lighting and other landscape and screening features (including location and contours of proposed berms at one-foot intervals); measures to be taken to protect new and preserve existing trees during construction; identification of existing trees, large shrubs, formal planting areas, and hedges to be removed.
      (14)   Elevation drawings or renderings, with scale clearly shown, of all sides of the proposed structures, illustrating the proposed designs of the elevations of the buildings, signs, fences, and other structures and identifying materials and colors thereof. Locations and dimensions of all wall openings, including windows and doors, vents, etc. Locations and dimensions, finish and colors of all roof and wall-mounted fixtures, equipment, poles, including locations of utility service installations, electrical and phone meters or service boxes. Material samples and/or paint chips of roofing, exterior wall surfaces, and other prominent features and surfaces.
      (15)   Such other relevant data as may be required to ascertain the compliance of the proposed development with the plans and laws of the City of Norton.
   (c)   Major Site Plan Procedure.
      (1)   Preliminary discussion. It is recommended that every applicant request informal preliminary discussion with the Zoning Inspector in order to review the requirements prior to submitting an application for site plan review.
      (2)   Application submittal. The applicant for site plan review, who shall be the owner of the subject property or the duly authorized representative of the owner, shall submit copies of the site plan application (in the number of copies as required by policy of the Planning Commission) which shall include the items required by this Zoning Code. The application shall be submitted according to the submittal and review schedule established by the Planning Commission.
      (3)   Staff review. A site plan application shall be reviewed by the City staff for compliance with all applicable regulations.
      (4)   Planning Commission review.
         A.   If an applicant has submitted and requested review of a preliminary site plan application, then the Planning Commission may review and comment upon the application, but shall not take formal action upon such application. The Planning Commission may advise the applicant of the information which shall be required for review of a complete site plan application. Review of a preliminary site plan application shall not cause or imply any commitments, authorizations, or rights for the applicant.
         B.   If an applicant has submitted a complete site plan application, the Planning Commission shall approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove the site plan application within a reasonable time. Approval or disapproval shall be based on findings of fact consistent with the purposes of these regulations. The Planning Commission may attach to the approval of the site plan application conditions reasonably required to promote the public health, safety and welfare.
         C.   Written approval of the site plan application shall be indicated by signature of the Chairman of the Planning Commission on one copy of the site plan, marked with such amendments and conditions as the Planning Commission may require, and shall constitute authorization to proceed with issuance of required permits and construction in compliance with the approved site plan, provided that all conditions are satisfied and the site plan complies with all other requirements of law.
      (5)   Conditions prior to approval. The Planning Commission may establish, in the approval of a site plan, such conditions as it deems necessary to ensure the health, safety, and welfare, to promote the purposes of this Zoning Code, and to ensure completion and maintenance of the site plan as approved in conformance with this Zoning Code. Such conditions may include, but are not limited to, homeowners' association documentation, easement check, bonds or other guarantees, a written development agreement, or other guarantees. The Commission may authorize the Zoning Inspector, City Engineer, Law Director, or other appropriate official to take action in behalf of the Commission in negotiating, approving, or confirming conditions prior to the final issuance of conditional use authorization.
      (6)   Expiration of approval. Approval of a site plan by the Planning Commission shall expire 12 months from the date of approval unless construction has commenced. Extensions, not to exceed six months each, may be granted by the Planning Commission after written request by the applicant.
      (7)   Re-submittal. Subsequent to disapproval of a site plan, no applicant shall resubmit, within a period of six months from the date of disapproval, a site plan which the Planning Commission deems substantially similar to the previously disapproved site plan.
(Ord. 33-2011. Passed 3-28-11.)