1257.01  PURPOSE.
   (a)   Site plan review is required to ensure proper design of sites for the efficient use of land; to protect adjoining properties from adverse impacts of site and structure design and uses; and to promote high standards in the layout, design, landscaping, and construction of development. It is also intended to supplement the requirements of the Subdivision Regulations and to further the purposes and provisions of this Zoning Code and the plans adopted by the City.
   (b)   The purposes of this chapter are to state the specific additional requirements applicable to the development of land for certain uses, structures, and developments of land and in certain zoning districts and to prescribe the standards for the preparation and submission of site plans.
   (c)   In order to ensure adequate public review of significant site plans in a public meeting, this chapter provides for major site plans subject to review by the Planning Commission. This chapter also provides a less intensive process of review of minor site plans by the Zoning Inspector.
(Ord. 50-2005. Passed 7-11-05.)