(a)   Whoever violates or fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Zoning Code, including violations of conditions and safeguards established in connection with grants of variances or special exceptions, is guilty of a misdemeanor.
   (b)   Any person who offers the sale of land, enters into a contract of sale of land, or sells, transfers or otherwise disposes of land, before all the requirements of this Zoning Code are complied with, or who neglects or refuses to comply with, or otherwise violates, any provision of this Zoning Code, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not less than ten dollars ($10.00) nor more than fifty dollars ($50.00) or imprisoned not more than thirty days, or both, and, in addition, shall pay all costs and expenses involved in the case. Furthermore, each day during which such violation of any provision of this Zoning Code shall continue shall be deemed to constitute a separate violation. In case any person violates any of the provisions of this Zoning Code, as aforesaid, the City Solicitor, in addition to the foregoing fines and penalties, and in addition to the remedies otherwise provided by law, is hereby authorized to institute an appropriate action or proceeding at law or in equity to prevent such violation, or to restrain, correct or abate such violation.
   (c)   The owner or tenant of any building, structure, premises or part thereof, or any architect, builder, contractor, agent or other person, who commits, participates in, assists in or maintains such violation, may each be found guilty of a separate offense and suffer the penalties herein provided.
   (d)   Nothing herein contained shall prevent the City from taking such other lawful action as is necessary to prevent or remedy any violation.
(Ord. 1-1988.  Passed 4-11-88.)