(a)   Easements along the side of a rear property line or elsewhere for utility installation and maintenance or for access to a public use area or facility may be required. Such easements shall be at least twenty feet wide and located after consultation with the companies or Municipal departments concerned. All such easements must meet with the approval of the City Engineer.
   (b)   Where a subdivision is traversed by a watercourse, drainageway, channel or street, there shall be provided a storm water easement or drainage right-of-way conforming substantially to the lines of such watercourse, and such further width or construction, or both, as will be adequate for the purpose and conform to comprehensive plans for these facilities in the City, if such exist or should hereafter be adopted.
   (c)   Natural features, such as trees, brooks, hilltops and views, shall be preserved, whenever possible, in designing any subdivision containing such features.
   (d)   For large developments, lands shall be reserved for acquisition by the City or the Board of Education of the Local School District within a period of six months by purchase at a rate comparable to other property within the subdivision or other means, for school and public facilities.
   An open space constituting five percent of the gross acreage of the subdivision, suitably located for parks, playgrounds or other public purposes for local or neighborhood uses, shall be provided for in the proposed subdivision and shall be deeded to the City or a viable neighborhood association. Property designated for such areas shall be properly graded and seeded and shall be satisfactory as deeded to the City.
(Ord. 76-1972. Passed 11-20-72.)