1240.09 LOTS.
   (a)   Lot dimensions and area shall not be less than the requirements of the Zoning Code.
   (b)   Side lot lines shall be substantially at right angles to straight street lines and radial to curved street lines.
   (c)   Where extra width has been dedicated for the widening of existing streets, lots shall begin at such new street lines, and all setbacks shall be measured from such lines.
   (d)   Where there is a question as to the suitability of a lot or lots for their intended use, due to factors such as rock formations, topography, internal drainage, flood conditions or similar circumstances, the Planning Commission may require certification by a professional engineer, substantiated with soil borings, that the soil has sufficient bearing capacity for building foundations.
   (e)   Corner lots for residential use shall have additional width in order to accommodate the requirements of the Zoning Code for front yard setbacks on both streets.
(Ord. 76-1972. Passed 11-20-72.)