(a)   Street Trees.  Street trees shall be planted in accordance with the following specifications in all major subdivisions.
      (1)   Size of trees. All planted trees shall measure 10 to 12 feet in height, have a two to two-and-one half inch diameter caliper. All trees must be balled, nursery grown stock.
      (2)   Types of trees. Street trees shall be species listed in the Engineering Construction Standards and suitable for the locations in which they are proposed to be planted.
      (3)   Planting; replacement.
         A.   Planting methods and materials shall be as provided in the Engineering Construction Standards.
         B.   All planted trees must show vigorous growth within 18 months or a replacement will be required. Tree replacement shall be ensured within the subdivision maintenance guarantee.
      (4)   Spacing.
         A.   Shade trees shall be planted on each side of every street at approximately 75 foot intervals (the intent is one shade tree per lot), of varying species preferably of a species and in a location, insofar as poles, driveways, traffic control devices and street lighting patterns, underground utilities, etc., permit.
         B.   The minimum spacing shall be 40 feet and trees may be so spaced only in exceptional instances.
         C.   In no instance shall trees be set closer than 30 feet to the intersection of the extended curb line at street intersections.
(Ord. 2-2004. Passed 2-23-04.)