(a)   Inspection and Testing Fees.
      (1)   The subdivider shall tender to the City Finance Director a fee, in cash or certified check, payable to the City of Norton in the sum of 5% of estimated cost of improvements and damages, if any, to cover the cost of supervision and inspection of the installations. The fees shall cover the actual wage, salary, or contract cost of inspection service, employee benefits, supervision, engineering service, and transportation.
      (2)   The costs of City inspections shall be deposited in advance with the Finance Director, or according to such schedule and terms as otherwise provided for in the development agreement and the performance guarantee requirements hereinbefore mentioned.
      (3)   An accounting of the City Engineer's supervision and inspection expenditures shall be documented by time records signed by the applicant or his or her authorized representative. Upon completion of the required inspections and testing, the City Engineer shall make a final and complete statement of the amount of the inspection and testing costs charged or to be charged to the subdivider and shall make a recommendation that the City require final payment or make refund to the subdivider.
      (4)   If, upon submission by the applicant for final acceptance of the improvements, and certification by the City Engineer that the required improvements have been installed, the amount of the original 5% cash deposit exceeds the amount of money expended by the City in connection with said projects, the applicant shall be refunded the excess money.
      (5)   In the event said expenditures exceed the original 5% deposit, the subdivider shall immediately pay the City the difference required to cover such expenditures.
      (6)   The performance guarantee shall not be released until all inspection and testing fees have been paid in full.
   (b)   Permits. The subdivider shall provide evidence that all necessary permits, including but not limited to federal wetland permits, NPDES permits, utility provider approvals, and other permits required by the City, County, State, or Federal government have been applied for or approved. Prior to initiating any work which involves the cutting of road pavement or other disturbance within an existing public right-of-way, the subdivider shall obtain a permit for street opening or other approval as required by the Service Director. The City Engineer shall not issue authorization to proceed with construction until the subdivider has obtained required permits.
   (c)   Pre-Construction Meeting. Prior to the start of any land clearing, grubbing, grading, or the construction of any improvements, the subdivider shall attend a pre-construction meeting if required by the City Engineer. Prior to the meeting, the subdivider shall submit any and all documents required by the City Engineer.
   (d)   Authorization to Proceed. When the subdivider has met all conditions required prior to construction as provided by these Regulations, the City Engineer shall issue written authorization to the subdivider to proceed with installation of improvements. Construction of improvements, clearing, grubbing, or grading shall not be commenced prior to receipt of written approval from the City Engineer.
(Ord. 2-2004. passed 2-23-04; Ord. 008-2020. Passed 1-13-20.)