An application for a minor subdivision shall include the following information:
   (a)   Complete Application Required. The subdivider shall be responsible for preparing and submitting all information, documents, and materials required by these Regulations. No employee of the City, contractor engaged by the City, Mayor, member of the Planning Commission, member of Council, or other person, board, or commission named in these Regulations shall be required to take any action with regard to any application or submittal until it is complete and in compliance with the provisions of these Regulations.
   (b)   Application Form. A form, as provided by the Director of Planning, completed and signed by the owner (or agent authorized by signature of the owner). If the applicant is other than the owner, authorization to represent the property owner shall be submitted. The form shall be submitted with evidence of ownership, such as the prior recorded deed reference of the property owner.
   (c)   Minor Subdivision Plat. A minor subdivision plat shall be prepared by a registered surveyor at a scale of not less than one inch equals one hundred feet (1"=100'). The drawing shall not exceed 24"x 36" in size, and shall include the following information:
      (1)   Title, scale, north arrow, date of survey, date of drawing;
      (2)   Names, addresses, and phone numbers of the owner (and of agent, if any);
      (3)   The name, signature, seal, and certification statement of the surveyor.
      (4)   Data establishing the precise location of the proposed minor subdivision in relation to public rights-of-way and abutting existing lots; all external property lines which intersect with the perimeter property lines of the minor subdivision;
      (5)   Right-of-way width, pavement width and road name of all adjoining roads and any existing roads or drives abutting or within the minor subdivision; the locations and purposes of existing and proposed easements;
      (6)   Locations of all existing buildings on the property, including distances from proposed property lines; setback dimensions between all existing structures within the proposed subdivision and existing and proposed lot lines; setbacks lines for new construction as required by the Zoning Code.
      (7)   The locations of all existing and new surveying monuments and markers;
      (8)   Data for the proposed lots including:
         A.   Reference by dimension to the road centerline of the nearest established intersection;
         B.   Dimensions (to the nearest one hundredth of a foot) and bearings of all proposed lot lines;
         C.   Area of all proposed lots in acres (to the third decimal place).
         D.   Total area in the minor subdivision shown to the nearest one thousandth of an acre.
   (d)   Site Plan for Minor Subdivision. As determined necessary by the Director of Planning or Director of Building and Zoning to ascertain compliance with the provisions of these Regulations or of the Zoning Code, the subdivider may be required to submit a Site Plan for Minor Subdivision containing some or all of the following information. The subdivider may appeal the requirement to the Planning Commission.
      (1)   The locations of all oil and gas wells and associated equipment on the property being subdivided or within 200 feet of the property being subdivided and distances of oil and gas wells and associated equipment from existing or proposed property lines, existing or proposed habitable buildings and existing or proposed roads.
      (2)   The locations of existing and proposed drainage courses, drainage piping, road culverts, water supply lines, sanitary sewer lines, and other utilities;
      (3)   The locations and dimensions of all Category II or Category III wetlands, required wetland setbacks, floodplains, and riparian setback areas as required by the Zoning Code.
      (4)   Drawing for balance of subdivided lot(s). When a proposed minor subdivision will result in an unsubdivided remainder area of the original lot(s), the subdivider shall submit a sketch plat which demonstrates the dimensions and intended or potential future use of the remainder area in conformance with the applicable regulations of the City. The intent of this requirement is to ensure that any unsubdivided remainder has the potential for future use in a manner which complies with the plans and regulations of the City.
   (e)   Evidence of Utility Service or Approval of On-Site Systems. For each proposed lot, either a letter from the local utility provider stating that the lot has access to a sanitary sewer and water line approved by the City; or a letter from the local Board of Health stating that the proposed lot is approved for installation of an onsite sanitary disposal system.
   (f)   Legal Description and Deed. A legal description and deed for each proposed new lot.
   (g)   Other Information. Other information required by the Engineering Construction Standards or required by the Director of Planning or Director of Building and Zoning as necessary to determine compliance with the provisions of these Regulations and the Zoning Code.
(Ord. 2-2004. Passed 2-23-04.)