The Secretary of the Planning Commission shall present to the Clerk of Council for the Council records, no later than five business days following any formal action by the Planning Commission, a duly signed copy of any resolution, signed by the Chairperson and Secretary, which resolution shall state the recommendations of the Planning Commission, along with copies of any reports or recommendations made by the City Engineer or any other governmental official regarding the matter covered by the resolution, as well as copies of any maps, documents or papers presented to the Planning Commission for its consideration. Said Clerk of Council shall maintain a properly designated file on each such matter, which file shall contain a duly signed copy of the application by the owner or agent of the owner, said application and any other documents presented with the application having been given to the Clerk immediately upon the filing of said application, along with the proper fee established by ordinance of Council.
(Ord. 70-1979. Passed 8-27-79.)