The following specific tap-in charges and connection fees are hereby established.
   (a)   A connection fee of $7,843.41, or 1/37 of the total project cost of $290,206.40, in addition to any fees imposed by the County, is imposed as a condition for access to the Johnson Road water line to be extended to each of the 37 properties on Johnson Road listed on Exhibit A to Ordinance 86-2003, which is incorporated by reference as though set out in full herein.  All lines and tie-ins shall be constructed in accordance with the City's standards.
   (b)   A tap-in charge in the amount of $2,868.83 upon that certain parcel of real property located at 530 Tallwood Drive and currently identified in the land records of Summit County as PPN 4608564.  It is hereby further determined that the owners of such property shall be required to pay such tap-in charge in full to the Director of Finance of the City prior to connecting such parcel to and receiving water service from the improvement.
(Ord. 86-2003. Passed 11-11-03; Ord. 31-2005. Passed 5-9-05.)