Council hereby establishes charges for water use in the City's water system as follows:
   (a)   All customers of the Brentwood Water System shall be charged three dollars and twelve cents ($3.12) per 100 cubic feet of water, with a minimum monthly charge for use of 300 cubic feet, payable by the tenth day of each month following the receipt of a bill for said charges. This fee shall be increased 2.5% annually on the first day of January of each year, beginning January 1, 2005.
   (b)   In addition to the established water use rates for the Brentwood Water System, the Director of Public Service may authorize and approve a reasonable charge for the administrative costs of billing.
   (c)   All Brentwood Water System customers shall have the right to appeal bills rendered for water service charges and user charges by submitting a written objection to the billing department within 30 days of receipt of a bill. When a billing dispute cannot be resolved by the billing department, the Director of Public Service shall resolve  such dispute.
   (d)   If City Council approves a capital improvement for the Brentwood Water System, the monthly user rate established herein shall be automatically increased to a rate which will yield sufficient additional revenue to enable the City to pay either the cost of such capital improvement or the debt service associated with such capital improvement. If the Brentwood Water System user rate is automatically increased due to the above circumstances, the Mayor and/or Director of Public Service shall immediately file with City Council a written statement advising Council members of the amount and effective date of the rate increase necessary to comply with the automatic user rate increase requirements of this section.
(Ord. 56-2004. Passed 4-26-04; Ord. 45-2006. Passed 5-22-06.)