1028.04  RIGHT OF ENTRY.
   The Director of Public Service or anyone acting under his authority may enter immediately:
   (a)   Upon any lands adjacent to any of the streets or highways in the Municipality for the purpose of opening an existing ditch, drain or swale, or for digging a new ditch, drain or swale for the free passage of water for the drainage of highways;
   (b)   Upon any lands adjoining rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, reservoirs, or ponds, to drive piles, throw up embankments, and perform such other labor as is necessary to keep such rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, reservoirs, or ponds within their proper channels or basins, and to prevent their encroachment upon the highways, bridges or culverts;
   (c)   Upon the lands adjoining a street or highway, which, during the spring freshets or at a time of high water, are subject to overflow from such rivers, streams, or creeks, to remove or change the position of a fence or other obstruction preventing the free flow of water under or through a street or highway, bridge or culvert, whenever the Director of Public Service deems it necessary for the protection of such highway, bridge or culvert;
   (d)   Upon any lands adjacent to streets or highways, to remove any fence or other obstruction which causes snow to drift upon such highway and erect snow fences or other devices upon such lands to prevent the drifting of snow in or upon the street or highway.
(Ord. 79-2004. Passed 6-28-04.)