1024.04  DUTY TO REPAIR.
   (a)   The property owner whose property abuts any public sidewalk shall be responsible for the repair and maintenance of such sidewalk.
      (1)   Any hole or defect that is capable of causing injury, inconvenience, annoyance or damage to sidewalk users shall be repaired by the abutting property owner within a reasonable period of time from the time at which the property owner should have known of the necessity of such repair through the exercise of due diligence, or after notification by the Director of Public Service at the time the repair work is determined to be necessary.
      (2)   The failure of a property owner to reasonably repair such defect in accordance with the applicable time frame shall be considered a negligent act as a matter of law, and the property owner shall be liable for any injury resulting from such defect.
   (b)   The owner of any lot or parcel of ground in the City shall cause the sidewalk, or any part thereof in front of or abutting upon such lot or parcel of ground, to be constructed, rebuilt or repaired whenever the Director of Public Service orders the same to be done. The owner shall thereafter keep the sidewalk in good order and repair.
(Ord. 88-2004. Passed 7-12-04.)