(a)   Establishment; Composition.  A Tax Incentive Review Council shall be established pursuant to Ohio R.C. 5709.85 and shall consist of three representatives appointed by the Summit County Council, two representatives of the City, appointed by the Mayor with Council concurrence, the County Fiscal Officer or designee and a representative of Board of Education of the Norton City School District. At least two members must be residents of the City.
   (b)   Duties.  The Tax Incentive Review Council shall review annually the compliance of all agreements involving the granting of exemptions for commercial or industrial real property improvements under Ohio R.C. 3735.671 and make written recommendations to the Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council as to continuing, modifying or terminating said agreement based upon the performance of the agreement.
(Ord. 69-1999.  Passed 9-27-99; Ord. 44-2015.  Passed 8-17-15.)