(a)   A permittee shall maintain a fence around a drilling site in accordance with good oil field practices. Should a well be a producing one, the permittee shall, upon completion of the well, construct a fence, as specified by the Planning Commission, around the well pump and shall complete such fence as soon as possible after setting of the storage tanks, in no case longer than six months.
   (b)   All well pumps shall be operated by explosion-proof electric motors only unless otherwise approved by the City Council for demonstrated good cause.
   (c)   All existing and future tank batteries, separators, temporary holding pits and other installations of equipment used at oil well installations located within the corporate limits of the City, shall be surrounded by a fence which shall be of sufficient height and construction to meet with the approval of the Planning Commission. The fence shall be maintained in a state of repair satisfactory to the Superintendent of Building and Zoning Inspection. The fence shall be a minimum of eight feet high and of a design and material specified by the Planning Commission, with suitable locking gates for access. Locking devices used on all gates, valves or other secured apparatus in conjunction with any well or tank battery operated by a permittee of the City of Norton shall be keyed alike so that one key will provide access to any such secured apparatus. A copy of such key will be provided to the Norton Fire Division and the Norton Police Division. All shut-off valves shall be painted a conspicuous common color.
   (d)   Electrical underground power service in Schedule 40 plastic conduit, buried to a minimum of twenty-four inches, is required.
   (e)   No lighting during drilling or on a producing well shall constitute a nuisance to surrounding properties.
(Ord. 91-1987.  Passed 12-22-87.)